Graphic Recording – analogue and digital

I support workshops, discussions and conferences via Graphic Recording. The visualizations help participants to better understand and remember the presented and developed subjects, ideas, questions and solutions. 

As a Graphic Recorder, I usually participate as a listener at your event and create a visual record of it. I note important information in short sentences or with keywords and reinforce them with sketches. The sketches can be symbols, metaphors or scenic illustrations. These details are put in a larger context und structured by a frame-giving drawing to make it easy to “get the overall picture”. Here you can find some exemplary work.

Next to classic Graphic Recording with pen and paper I offer Digital Graphic Recording. Here I draw on a Wacom Tablet and create the visual record in Adobe Illustrator as a vector graphic. This graphic can be shown during the sketching process via beamer, it can be shared digitally as .pdf file right after the finishing and it can be printed without degradation. Here you can find an example for digital Graphic Recording.


Digitales Graphic Recording Handfoto

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