Explanation Videos and Prezi Presentations

Explanation Videos are one to three minutes long, drawn and animated Videos.  They show in an understandable and entertaining way for instance, what your company is about or how your product and processes  work. Prezi Presentations are the alternative to powerpoint. They help you and your audience to get the “Big Picture” of your story.

In our fast moving time, information has to be communicated consisely, catchy and in an entertaining way to stand out of the tons of data that pass our minds from day to day. Explanation Videos are suited optimally to impart knowledge on your website or within your internal network. The presentation in form of a “simple” cartoon film makes gaining knowledge feel like a relaxing break. Here you can find an example of an Explanation Video – more in the category Working Examples.

To convey information during a presentation, Prezi Presentations are the alternative to powerpoint. Generally, verbal information can be understood much better when it is supported by visuals. The molecular biologist John J. Medina states that supportive visuals make the audience remember 65% of the presented content; without visual support this would be only about 10% (Source: http://www.brainrules.net/vision). The special advantage of Prezi Presentations is, that they are build up like a huge map. You can zoom out and watch it from a distance to see connections, and you can zoom in to look at details and to follow a (presentation) path. Through smart usage of these functions it is very easy for the audience to follow your train of thoughts and to keep the overview.


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